About the Author

Aanvi Trivedi is a 13-year-old aspiring writer who lives with her family in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in a book or has her hands stuck on a new piece of writing, Aanvi enjoys singing, playing the piano, participating in her school speech and debate team or hanging out with her friends and family!

Being a middle schooler herself, Aanvi incorporated many of her own experiences and feelings into her book and her characters. Her writing experience started early on at the age of 6 when her first-grade teacher pulled her into the world of literature. In their class, she was inspired to write at least one short story a week, and for the first time, she felt the joy in creating stories. As the years went on, she continued to write more and more and greatly looked forward to the writing prompts that were assigned in class.

When COVID-19 hit, and the world was plunged into lockdown, Aanvi took on the practice of recording her dreams. One night, she experienced an extremely realistic dream, which compelled her to write it down as soon as she woke up.

That morning, Aanvi raced to her computer, pulled open a new Google document, and began to write the story that would soon become The Key Of Dawn.

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About the Book

“I guess what you could say about me is that I read so much, the words start to jumble up together. Or that you’ll often find me with my eyes darting back and forth over the pages.”

Spending a peaceful morning under a lovely blue-pink sky with the perfect weather and one’s nose stuck in a book is all that a bibliophile wants, but it seems life had some other plans for our protagonist Alya Gupta. When a sudden change of events drives a 12-year-old to make some of the most difficult choices of her life, who will Alya choose to save: her family or the world? “I’d lost one of my friends, maybe even two. It was a wonder how easily everything could fall apart in a small-time.”

Join Alya along with her friends to the adventure which forges her to face her deepest fears and truths about herself and her family, an experience which takes her to a completely new world. The battle against darkness won’t be easy when there are nightmares and blackouts. 

Yet! They don’t stand alone, they have guardians and accomplices to get them through the shadows of evil.

In a whirlwind of hurtful betrayals, close calls, and stunning realizations, Alya and her friends must learn their true power- or the world will pay. Fighting through the darkness and reaching out for light, will Alya and her friends be able to save the world before it gets engulfed in eternal night?

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