The breed of dog featured in the Liberty Mutual commercial is a Bernese Mountain Dog. This breed of dog is a large working breed from Switzerland. They have a sturdy and muscular body, thick coat, and naturally charming temperament that makes them an ideal pet to own. The Bernese Mountain Dog in the commercial is named Marco, and he has been featured in several Liberty Mutual commercials over the years. He often stars alongside actors in humorous scenarios involving Liberty Mutual’s home or auto insurance policies.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is loyal, patient, and calm making it a perfect fit for TV roles requiring scenes of larger dogs being handled by actors in various settings. Marco has been handling this job since the initial television campaign kicked off in 2015—proving that Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the best breeds around for both human companionship as well as starred performances!

Who is Marco?

Marco is a Bernese Mountain Dog and the star of Liberty Mutual’s “Be There For You” commercial. He was adopted from Ginger’s Pet Rescue in Seattle, WA and has been an important part of their family since.

The ad shows Marco playing around the house, rolling balls around with the kids, and even eating dinner with them. In between scenes of the family laughing and cuddling, there are clips of Liberty Mutual helping customers who are experiencing loss or damage to their property. This plays off of Marco’s story as his rescue organization provides a much-needed protection for animals in need.

Throughout the commercial, it becomes clear that Marco is more than just a pet to this family – he’s part of their life. The commercial shows us that pets have an unwavering capacity to love us no matter what and encourages viewers to look out for each other in times of need – just like Marco does with his loving human family.

What is Liberty Mutual Commercial?

The Liberty Mutual commercial features a dog named Marco. He’s an adorable beagle-basset hound mix. But this commercial isn’t just about Marco. It’s also about Liberty Mutual and their unique approach to insurance coverage.

In the commercial, Marco shows up unexpected at this family’s house and barks until they finally open the door. When they do, he entrances them with his cuteness and Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs | Seresto.Online they end up adopting him! They let him in because they know he’ll love them no matter what — which is exactly how Liberty Mutual sees its customers too.

Liberty Mutual wants to be there for their customers through difficult times and help make it easier for them to stay protected from any surprises life throws their way. Their “Here To Help” campaign focuses on how Liberty Mutual provides reliable coverage that removes worry, stress, and uncertainty — just like everyone needs an occasional hug from a cuddly pup like Marco!

What Breed of Dog Is Marco?

Marco, the lovable pup from Liberty Mutual insurance commercials, is a Labrador Retriever and Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. While his exact breed is categorized as a designer dog, it’s still quite distinct and easy to recognize.

His black and white coat—similar to those see in both Labrador Retrievers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers—has given him his distinct look and features, including an easily recognizable white stripe of fur up the center of his back. His face has a typical doggy expression that you’d find with most retrievers; he also has floppy ears, brown eyes, and a big nose fit for smelling all kinds of smells!

Marco makes for an excellent companion in the Liberty Mutual commercial due to this breed’s natural endearing qualities. He’s known for being friendly and loyal to humans over time, which likely makes it easier to train him on camera. Additionally, Labradors typically love water which is featured prominently in Liberty Mutual’s commercial series featuring Marco.

Physical Appearance & Personality Traits

Marco is a Cavachon, a hybrid breed developed by cross-breeding two purebreds – the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. The resulting mixed breed is loyal, loving, playful, and very sweet-natured.

Physically, Marco has the characteristic features of a Cavachon – an adorable round face with large, floppy ears, and a soft coat typically wanting either white or cream in color with a hint of light tan may be present too. He’s an adorable little pup that stands around 12 -16 inches tall and weighs around 10-20 pounds when fully grown.

Personality-wise, Marco is very personable and enjoys spending time with his Liberty Mutual family. He loves being affectionate to those he loves most and playing fetch in the backyard! He also tends to explore new places he visits often, so you should always keep an eye on him!

Where to Find Pictures and Videos of Marco

Marco the Dog is a well-known dog from the Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials. He’s an adorable pup of indeterminate breed—so it can be difficult to figure out just what kind of dog he is!

Luckily, if you want to take a closer look at Marco, there are plenty of pictures and video clips out there. On YouTube, search for “Liberty Mutual Commercials” or “Liberty Mutual Dog.” You’re sure to find plenty of video clips featuring Marco doing his thing.

You can also find still photos of Marco on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter—just search for #libertymutualdog to get started! Plus, some websites such as Dogs That Look Like ( have forums dedicated to posting pictures and trying to identify breeds that might resemble him.

Finally, if you really want close up shots of Marco, you should check out — they have a section devoted specifically to Marco & Friends!

What kind of dog is Marco from Liberty Mutual commercial

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